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Hooked is an app where you can read exciting suspense stories from the comfort of your Android device. All the stories you read in the app are presented as though they were chat conversations, so the reading experience is very dynamic.

The way Hooked works is very simple: each time you tap on the screen, you'll see a new line of text from the chat. After you've revealed a few lines of text, you have to wait 25 minutes for your 'hoots' to recharge. Hoots are basically how many times you can tap on the screen to reveal lines of text. Obviously, if you want, you can pay some money to speed up how quickly the hoots recharge.

Hooked is a story app that's perfectly adapted to smartphones and new technology in general. It's a unique but very effective way to enjoy intriguing stories that are full of mystery.
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Get horror stories by chat with the Hooked app

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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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